Friday Night

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  • Friday Night Special: Chili Cheese Dogs for Chico


    Nathan’s Coney Island hot dog, smothered in our own Chili, topped with cheddar, scamorza and jalapenos. A side of house made mac and cheese, and some chips to fill out the deal.

    The fundraiser will be a little different this week, as our dog, Chico, was diagnosed with Addison’s disease after (barely) surviving a crisis that essentially shut down his system. The vet bills are tough (roughly $3000 so far) but with further diagnosis and properly managed medication he should be able to live a long and happy life.  So all that is to say, the money this week will go directly to our own vet this time.  Hope that’s ok with everyone and next week we’ll bring rescues back into the picture.

    As always with the support of Unfiltered Brewing and Pumphouse you will be able to select an Exile on North Street IPA or a Crafty Radler.

    Thanks for your continued support!

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