Grilled or Toasted?

House-made to order, our sandwiches are a pretty big deal.

pizza night

Make Your Own Pizza Kit

You can busy your hands and support a few local businesses all at once. It’s a meal and lockdown activity in one. This isn’t your average pizza kit. 

Start with Sal’s dough and sauce. Add a few of your favourite toppings to make it your own and smother it in Ciro’s mozzarealla (or sarmoza, your choice!)

Little Market

  • Sticky Peach Fresno


    Sweet tangy peaches meld with both fire-roasted fresh fresno chilies and whole garlic cloves. Begins with a nice satisfying burn, then leaves behind lingering hints of smoke. Cook, grill, marinade, or use a sweet chili style hot sauce.

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  • Pizza Sauce


    A jar of Halifax’s best pizza sauce from Salvatore’s

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  • Drunken Garlic Black Bean Sauce


    Add some ancient Chinese wisdom, a little American ingenuity, a few shots of southern whiskey and a whole lot more garlic than any well adjusted adult should ever use and here you have it! Use as a marinade, stir fry sauce or with anything you damn well like

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  • Drunken Jerk Sauce


    This is a traditional Jamaican Jerk Marinade but we have added soy sauce and rum! It’s super easy to use! Add a spicy island flavor to your food!

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Hot Sauce