• Breakfast Bagels

    • The Professional


      Pulled Pork, Bacon, Egg, Smoked Swiss, Cheddar, Spinach, Sprouts, Mayo, Chipotle BBQ sauce

    • The Classic


      Bacon or Smoked Ham, Spinach or Sprouts, Egg, Cheddar, Garlic Mayo

    • Early Rabbit


      Egg, Smoked Cheddar, Spinach, Sprouts, Chipotle Mayo

    • Classic Sandwiches

    • Gobble Gobble


      Smoked Turkey, Goat Cheese, Sprouts, Black Pepper, Garlic Mayo

    • Rabbit Food


      Hummus, Roasted Red Pepper, Goat Cheese, Spinach, Sprouts, Chipotle Mayo

    • Dennis


      Pulled Pork, Smoked Cheddar, Onions, Chipotle BBQ Sauce

    • St. Denis


      Montréal Smoked Meat, Roasted Red Pepper, Smoked Cheddar, Chipotle Mayo

    • Enzo


      Miexed Meats, Old Cheddar, Tomato, Spinach, Sprouts, Banana Pepper, Onion, Black Pepper, Garlic Mayo

    • Taps

    • Grow a Pear Cider (5.8%)

      $6 (16oz)
      $7 (20oz)
    • Unfiltered Deity Double IPA (7.5%)

      $8 (16oz only)

      SMaSH with two-row malt and Columbus. Juicy with a spicy, herbal nose.

    • Roof Hound Big Brown (7%)

      $6 (16oz)
      $7 (20oz)

      7% imperial brown ale with raisins, vanilla bean, brown sugar and oats. Think gammas oatmeal raisin cookie meets grandpas beer.

    • Beau's Lug-Tread Lagered Ale (5.2%)

      $6 (16oz)
      $7 (20oz)

      A certified-organic lagered ale, Lug-Tread is golden-hued, finely balanced, and has won more than 20 awards.

    • Propeller Rye IPA (6.8%)

      $6 (16oz)
      $7 (20oz)

      Bitterness, with a citrus nose of Pacific Northwest. Balanced by rich two-row barley, crystal malt adds caramel notes while rye provides a spicy, crisp finish.

    • Pabst Blue Ribbon Lager (4.9%)

      $5 (16oz)
      $6 (20oz)

      Pabst Blue Ribbon's unique fermentation and maturation process results in a smooth, full bodied beer with a clean, crisp finish with a fine noble hop aroma.

    • Low Point Nitro Cold Brew Coffee